Majority of Poles satisfied with their lives: pollster

The majority of Poles were content with the way they led their lives throughout last year, revealed a report published on Thursday by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CBOS) titled Psychological Wellbeing in 2019.

The CBOS report shows that in 2019, as many as 64 percent of Poles said that they regularly or very regularly felt that everything in their lives was going well, while 61 percent said that they felt they had succeeded in something in life. 57 percent said that they were proud of their achievements on numerous occasions, and almost every second person said that they had been particularly interested in, or excited by, something over the past year.

In terms of negative emotions, 38 percent stated that they had experienced irritability or aggravation during 2019, while 31 percent claimed that on a number of occasions they had felt disregarded by the authorities. Among those surveyed, 25 percent said that they frequently felt discouraged or weary, and more than a fifth (22 percent) said they felt helpless. A far lower number of respondents reported feeling enraged (14 percent), depressed or unhappy (14 percent). One percent also said that they had experienced suicidal thoughts.

According to the authors of the report, those who felt best about themselves were respondents under the age of 35 and those pleased with their financial situation.

The Psychological Wellbeing in 2019 report was carried out between November 28 and December 5, 2019 on a random sample of 910 adult Poles by holding direct interviews (face-to-face) with respondents and with the aid of the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) method.