Nearly ten million pensioners will get '13th paycheck'

Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament rejected the amendments to the bill about the so-called 13th pension, submitted by Senate, the upper house.

2020 Govt spending budget will be balanced: Dep Fin Min

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Among the amendments proposed by the Senate, one of the most important was the idea of financing the “13th pension” from the funds of the Social Insurance Fund (ZUS) and Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS), not the Solidarity Fund. Senator Magdalena Kochan (Civic Coalition) stressed that money from the Solidarity Fund should be used for the needs of people with disabilities.

But Marlena Maląg, the Family and Labour Minister argued that using the Solidarity Fund for this purpose “will not deprive people with disabilities of their benefits.”

The “13th paycheck” will be paid to all pensioners and those who receive pensions and disability benefits. It will be paid together with the April instalment. Each recipient will receive PLN 1,200 (gross) which equals EUR 283.1, which is PLN 100 more than a year earlier.

Around 9.8 mln people will receive this benefit. The government earmarked a total amount of PLN 11.8 bn (EUR 2.78 bn) for the purpose.

The ruling party also plans to add the “14th pension” in 2021.