Sejm publishes support lists for Polish Judiciary Council candidates

The official webpage of the Polish Lower House of Parliament (Sejm) published the support lists for candidates to the new Polish Judiciary Council (KRS) on Friday.

Protests in various cities following suspension of controversial judge

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On Wednesday, the Sejm’s Speaker Elżbieta Witek stated that the lists would be made public after the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw announced the grounds for its January judgement in writing.

“So far, we have been obliged by the Personal Data Protection Office head to refrain from publishing the lists, however, this has now been lifted by the court’s ruling,” Ms Witek said.

In early December, judge Paweł Juszczyszyn from Olsztyn Court demanded to be allowed to view the support lists for candidates to the KRS following an earlier EU Court of Justice ruling.

Eventually, Mr Juszczyszyn was suspended, which sparked protests in numerous Polish cities and resulted in more intense calls from opposition circles for the support lists to be published.

See the lists here.