New silver, copper deposits discovered in western Poland

New deposits of silver and copper have been discovered in the municipalities of Siedlisko, Kolsko and Nowa Sól in the territory of Lubuskie province, western Poland.

The geological documentation of the newly discovered deposits “Nowa Sól” has been prepared by the Zielona Góra Copper, a company belonging to the Miedzi Copper group, that, in turn, is a daughter enterprise of Lumida Group. This entity has taken an interest in developing the mining industry in Poland.

Estimates suggest that the deposits may contain up to 848 million tonnes of copper and silver ores, from which 11 million tonnes of copper and 36,000 tonnes of silver may be extracted. These are the first new deposits found in Poland in 40 years.

The documentation has been approved by the Climate Minister, thus the discovery officially bolsters state resources.

The first drilling works in this area started in 2014. Since then 20 shafts have been drilled, 19 of them brought positive results. The “Nowa Sól” deposits are among the deepest identified deposits in Poland.

“We are constantly striving for the establishment of another copper and silver mining complex in Poland,” said Stanisław Speczik, the general director of Miedzi Copper Corp.

“The approval of the documentation that we have obtained makes this goal more realistic,” he concluded.

According to the report for the year 2018 by the Polish Geological Institute, the documented copper ore resources in Poland contained nearly two billion tonnes, including 34 million tonnes of pure copper and over 103,000 tonnes of silver.