New EU budget proposal better for Poland: report

The new proposal of the European Union budget for the years 2021-2027 will include an additional EUR 2 bn for Poland, compared to the European Commission's previous proposal, the Polish “Rzeczpospolita” daily reported.

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The European Parliament maintained the list of “Projects of Common Interest” including the energy projects from (among others) Poland.

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The new draft was proposed by the head of the European Council, Charles Michel. The additional sum does not change the generally worse arithmetics of the new budget, which will provide less funds for Poland. If reports are to be believed, Warsaw will receive EUR 17 bn less than in the 2014-2020 budget, not EUR 19 bn less, as first proposed by the EC.

“Poland is getting richer, its GDP is getting higher in comparison to the EU average, so it is natural that it will receive less money,” an EU official was quoted anonymously by the newspaper.

However, “Rzeczpospolita,” writes that if the amount of funds was given based purely on GDP, Poland would receive only around 10 bn less.

“Brussels changed the methodology of distribution of the Cohesion Policy funds by modifying the definitions of regions and changing the criteria of granting money. Because of that, Poland and Hungary, two Member States criticised for violating the rule of law, lost a disproportionately large amount,” the daily wrote.

Poland wanted to get more funds from the cohesion policy and will get EUR 2 bn more. Moreover, an additional two billion was earmarked for Warsaw in the Just Transition Fund, but only if Poland declares that it is on board with the aim of climate neutrality by 2050. If not, Mr Michel proposes one billion.

The head of the European Council wants to find an agreement on the EU budget during the summit on February 20, however, it will not be an easy task, because there are many discrepancies, and unanimity is needed to accept the draft of the budget.