PGE and VW to install 300 electric car charging points

PGE Nowa Energia (New Energy), part of the Polish Energy Group (PGE), the state-controlled energy giant intend to install a total of 300 new electric vehicle charging stations within the next two years, the company announced in a press release on Monday.

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“The PGE Group is the first operator in Poland whose electric car charging stations are 100-percent powered by renewable energy,” Paweł Śliwa, PGE Vice President of Innovation, was quoted as saying in the press release. “A developed network of charging stations in cooperation with Volkswagen Group Polska and the Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat Dealers Association is our next step towards reducing emissions,” he added.

PGE New Energy has already installed 66 charging points in Poland, used by approximately 1,500 customers per month.

The plans for development in 2020, aim to triple the number of charging points.

The Volkswagen Group intends to spend EUR 60 bn on the development of hybrid cars, electromobility and digitalisation between 2020-2024, of which around EUR 33 bn will be dedicated to electromobility itself.

The company also wants to launch as many as 36,000 charging points all over Europe.