Weekly publishes list of richest Polish politicians

The Polish weekly newsmagazine Wprost has published a list of Poland’s richest deputies.

The richest politician, Artur Łącki, is a Senator of the Civic Platform party who made a fortune in the real estate business. Mr. Łącki is worth PLN 45 mln (or EUR 10.5 mln). He serves as the CEO of the company ‘Baltic Gryf Apartments’ while also being one of the co-owners.

Current Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is the 7th richest politician with a wealth of PLN 12,7 mln (around EUR 3 mln). The prime minister accumulated the lionshare of his wealth between 2007 and 2015 while serving as the Chairman of Bank Zachodni WBK, the third largest bank in Poland in terms of assets value and the number of outlets.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and husband of Pulitzer prize winner Anne Applebaum, Radosław Sikorski came in at 8th place with a personal fortune of PLN 11 mln (around EUR 2.6 mln). The MEP of Poland’s largest opposition party, the Civic Platform party, has most of his fortune located in his neoclassical manor house in Chobielin. It has an estimated value of PLN 6 mln (around EUR 1.4 mln).

The richest Polish politicians can’t complain about their fortunes but in comparison to some other politicians in Central Eastern Europe, the Polish political elite trail far behind.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has a fortune estimated at EUR 3.2 bn while the former Ukrainian PM and chocolate tycoon Petro Poroshenko had an estimated net worth of EUR 1.2 bn when assuming office in 2014.

The list of the top 10 of the richest deputies:

1. Artur Łącki (Civic platform party MP) - PLN 45 mln (EUR 10.5 mln)
2. Andrzej Gut-Mostowy (Law and Justice party) Deputy Minister of Development - PLN 42.5 mln (EUR 10 mln)
3. Grzegorz Bierecki (Law and Justice party Senator) - PLN 40.5 mln ( EUR 9.51 mln)
4. Adam Cyrański (Civic Platform party MP) - PLN 27.5 mln (EUR 6.46 mln)
5. Beniamin Godyla (Civic Platform party Senator) - PLN 24 mln (EUR 5.63 mln)
6. Robert Dowhan (Civic Platform party Senator) - PLN 14 mln (EUR 3.29 mln)
7. Mateusz Morawiecki (Law and Justice part PM) - PLN 12.7 (EUR 3.0 mln)
8. Radosław Sikorski (Civic Coalition MEP) - PLN 11 mln (EUR 2.6 mln)
9. Aleksander Pociej (Civic Platform party Senator) - PLN 10.7 mln (EUR 2.51 mln)
10. Ryszard Bober (Polish Peoples’ Party Senator) - PLN 10.1 mln (EUR 2.37 mln)