Hockey players pass ‘biscuit’ on Poland’s famous frozen mountain lake

The Rybi Potok Valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains resounded with cellies as two hockey teams placed the “biscuit” in each other’s nets marking the first time that hockey was played on the frozen waters of the famous mountain lake of Morskie Oko, also known as the Eye of the Sea on Saturday.

Tourists were delighted to see retired members of the Podhale Nowy Targ team clear a fragment of the lake of snow, place the nets and play a friendly match of hockey.

“Our idea was very much welcomed by the authorities of the Tatra National Park [TPN] and it is for this openness that we are most grateful,” the originator of the event Mariusz Jastrzębski told news website, adding that “the initiative turned out great, thus we’re sure to keep it going. However, we plan to organise the event with greater fanfare next year.”

First mentioned in a document in 1575, Morskie Oko, or Eye of the Sea in English, is the largest and fourth-deepest lake in the Tatra Mountains, in southern Poland. It is located deep within the Tatra National Park in the Rybi Potok (the Fish Brook) Valley, of the High Tatras mountain range at the base of the Mięguszowiecki Summits, in Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

Morskie Oko was "rediscovered" for tourism in the mid-19th century by Tytus Chałubiński, a Polish physician and co-founder of the Polish Tatra Society and also the establisher of the tuberculosis sanatoria in Zakopane, the Tatra Mountains.

Since 1933, following the return of sovereignty, the lake has been owned by the Polish state.