Tusk voices support for opposition presidential candidate Kidawa-Błońska

Former Polish Prime Minister and former head of the European Council Donald Tusk expressed his support for the opposition Civic Platform’s (PO) presidential candidate and incumbent Deputy Lower House Speaker Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska in a tweet on Sunday.

“I’ve just reported my full combat readiness to Ms Speaker,” tweeted Mr Tusk posting an attached photo with Ms Kidawa-Błońska. He also tagged his tweet with #Kidawa2020.

The incumbent Deputy Lower House Speaker is also a former spokesperson of Donald Tusk’s government. She held the position from January 7, 2014, to September 23, 2014. “That’s a piece of great info! All hands on deck,” tweeted Bartosz Arłukowicz, Ms Kidawa-Błońska’s head of the presidential campaign.

For her part, the presidential hopeful said that Mr Tusk “is a politician of large experience and his knowledge is priceless. I will certainly enjoy a great deal of support from him.” She also stressed that it had been thanks to Donald Tusk that she had become a politician.

It was on Friday that the head of PO Borys Budka said that Donald Tusk would support Ms Kidawa-Błońska’s presidential campaign, adding that the former head of the European Council would meet her in Warsaw during a PO electoral convention on February 29. “He is needed,” Mr Budka said.

Deputy Digital Affairs Minister Adam Andruszkiewicz said that Tusk’s support “could just be a death kiss… Tusk has been drastically losing repute in the eyes of Poles.”