Scandinavians, Poles are ‘working together in their own interest’ on Baltic Pipe

“While we often see Baltic Pipe as a counterattack against another project” actually the countries involved in this project are making moves in their own interest, lawyer Dag Nilsson, a senior figure in the Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce, told Poland IN.

The gas Pipeline, which will bring gas from Norwegian waters to Poland via Denmark and across the Baltic Sea is already underway and is ‘likely to be completed in 2020.

The project has enabled Poland’s gas operator Polish Oil and Gas to call time on its current unfavourable agreement with Gazprom for the supply of gas from sources in Siberia and Tajikistan comes at a time when Nord Stream 2 pipeline linking Northeast Russia and Germany across the Baltic.

Gas is not the only aspect of Poland’s trade with its Scandinavian partners. Grouped together, according to Mr Nilsson, the block is Poland’s second-largest export market.

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