Racing on water is more demanding than on tarmac: motorboat racer

Powerboat racing is more challenging and exciting than the car rallies, since the constantly changing conditions of water and wind do not forgive any mistakes, said Bartek Marszałek, the sole Pole in the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship series (F1H20) and the son of the legendary six-time world champion Waldemar Marszałek, in an interview with PolandIN.

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Among some obvious differences between the terrestrial and aquatic competition, Mr Marszałek highlighted the fact that there are no accurate simulators for motorboat races, since the conditions are dependent on various factors and are changing from second to second.

“You have to be constantly on your guard to make use of your skills amid dynamically changing race conditions,” he said.

The Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship series is the highest class of inshore powerboat racing in the world. Bartek Marszałek is not only the only Polish rider to race there, but he is among the best riders in the world. In December 2019, he managed to reach the podium, finishing third in the UAE rally.

Bartek Marszałek followed in the footsteps of his father, but he also had a talented brother, a world champion from 2003 Bernard Marszałek, who died in 2007, probably due to an asthma attack.