Contracts on deliveries of Patriot launchers signed

Companies forming parts of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and Raytheon, an American arms producer, signed contracts concerning cooperation in the delivery of Patriot launchers for the “Wisła” air defence system.

The signatories of the contracts from the side of PGZ were the Research-Development Centre, Maritime Technology Centre, the Military Industrial Electronic Joint Stock Company and the Tarnow Mechanical Plant.

The contracts with Raytheon cover cooperation in the delivery of services and materials essential to the building of Poland's “Wisła” system.

PGZ emphasised in its statement that “the deals open the opportunity for Polish plants to export their own products and services to other Patriot country-partners."

Wisła system

The “Wisła” anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence programme has been divided into two phases. The first agreement was signed between the US and Polish governments in March 2018. Poland bought 16 launchers of the Patriot system manufactured by Raytheon, 208 PAC-3 MSE missiles manufactured by Lockheed Martin, four sector radars, four combat control stations, six position control and command, 12 radiolines. Deliveries are to take place by 2022.

In the second phase, Poland is to buy cheaper missiles as a supplement to the basic ammunition, as well as a new 360-degree radar, manufactured with gallium nitride technology. The Polish Patriot batteries are to be integrated with the IBCS battlefield management system being developed for American ground forces.

The value of the contract amounted to USD 4.75 bn. PGZ is the main Polish partner and the exclusive offset recipient in the medium range “Wisła” air defence programme.