Saint Petersburg celebrates anniversary of Chopin’s birth

The Polish Institute in Saint Petersburg has organised a Chopin concert marking the Polish composer’s birthday.

Eight laureates of international Chopin contests organised in Russia will perform during the festival. The event will be hosted by Wanda Andrzejewska, the head of the Frederic Chopin Society.

“The Russian audience loves Chopin. During a recent concert, Oleg Weinstein had to give five encores. That is why we organise this concert on the birthday of this great composer annually - as we have with the one taking place today,” said Ewa Ziółkowska, the head of the Polish Institute in Petersburg.

“Our concerts are very popular, this year tickets were sold out a few days before the concert,” she added.

The Institute commemorates not only Chopin’s birthday, but also the day of his death with concerts devoted to the composer’s music.

Born on March 1, 1810, Fryderyk Chopin was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era. He has maintained worldwide renown as a leading musician of his time.