US interested in nuclear cooperation with Poland: official

“The US is interested in long-term nuclear cooperation with Poland,” said the country’s governmental plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski following a third-round meeting with United States Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette in Washington.

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Mr Naimski said that Poland “is getting closer to practical solutions” with regard to the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland, adding that there are potential US partners willing to cooperate long-term with Poland on this matter.

These potential partners “want to cooperate with us and see the possibility to continue this cooperation with Poland for the next decades,” as Mr Naimski himself put it.

The decision on the choice of a partner to construct the power plant in Poland is to be made soon. “At the latest in a matter of a couple or a dozen months,” Mr Naimski noted, following the meeting with Mr Brouillette.

The Polish nuclear energy strategy, Mr Naimski recalled, envisages the construction of six nuclear 1,000 MW reactors. They are to be constructed in three phases over 20 years.

“We will have six to nine gigawatts in the nuclear sector in 2040-2045,” said the official, adding that “this is a major scheme but at the end of it we will have over 20 percent of energy safely produced in nuclear power plants for the next 60 years.”

Polish oil and gas giant receives green light for drilling in North Sea

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Poland is interested in resending oil to Belarus

“We in Poland are interested to support Belarus with oil deliveries, should the necessity arise,” said Mr Naimski after the meeting, recalling that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his readiness to provide American oil to Belarus during his recent visit to the country.

According to Mr Naimski, oil deliveries via Poland could be possible, if Belarus decided to consent to them. “This would commence with Belarussians buying oil which they would like to have delivered to their refineries. At that point, we would be able to deliver, at first, small quantities of oil. In due time they would be augmented,” said Mr Naimski.

Regarding US LNG deliveries to Poland, Mr Naimski said that “agreements for the deliveries of LNG from the US [to Poland] apply and are signed.” The official also remarked that the US was interested in the work stage on the development of the Świnoujście LNG terminal and the construction of the Baltic Pipe.

The Baltic Pipe is a natural gas pipeline leading from the Norwegian sector of the North Sea via Denmark and the Baltic Sea to Poland. The pipeline is expected to become operational in October 2022. It will have a capacity of 10 bcm per year, covering more than half of Poland’s total natural gas demand.

Energy innovations

Taking part in the talks was also Poland’s Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka.

“We were talking about innovations in the energy sector,” said Mr Kurtyka, adding that “this part of the dialogue is important to us because it allows us to think about what types of [energy] sources we would like to build in Poland in order to meet the emission targets of our energy mix’.”