Britain made a choice, but so did the EU: British peer

Lord Daniel Finkelstein, an influential figure in the British policy making community and senior journalist with “The Times” in an interview with PolandIN said he hopes Britain and the EU can establish an effective partnership. He also argued that Brexit was as much a choice of the EU as it was for Britain.

Lord Finkelstein: a sense of gratitude and proportion

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Lord Daniel Finkelstein in his interview with Poland IN argues that Britain always had doubts about the EU becoming an “ever-closer union”. This is why it never joined the European single currency.

Britain wanted to be a global player on its own terms while remaining in the EU. Lord Finkelstein felt that the EU had made a conscious choice that it was not prepared to allow Britain to have a looser relationship within the EU that Britain wanted, just as Britain in the end decided that it could not accept the direction in which the EU was moving.

He felt that it was ironic that today Scots were asking the same questions about their membership of the UK as Britain had asked of its membership of the EU. He felt the danger to the cohesion of the UK was very real.

Lord Finkelstein hoped that it would be possible to forge a new relationship between Britain and the EU. This was especially important in the context of security and not only trade. But he felt there was little of no chance of Britain rejoining the EU in the future.