Poland critical about new EU climate goals: ministry

Poland’s Climate Ministry announced that it is disappointed with the new climate policy of the European Union, increasing the 2030 greenhouse reduction goal from 40 to 50-55 percent.

‘Clean Air’ programme with new rules and funding procedure

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The ministry emphasised that raising reduction goals should be accompanied by a division of the related tasks among the EU members, with compensation options for the most affected economic segments, regions and countries.

Moreover, the Climate Ministry added that the new policy shifts reduction decisions to the EC instead of leaving them to the leaderships of the Member States as to date.

The plans to adjust the CO2 emission goals were announced on Wednesday by the European Commission. They include significantly raising the CO2 reduction goals until 2030, and suggested 2050 as the zero-emission goal.

If passed, the new policy of the EU would require the Member States to undertake necessary steps to fulfil the recommendations.

The EC also proposed a unified reduction path for 2030-50 to enable progress reporting.