Poles in Britain on life after Brexit

Now that Brexit has finally arrived the Polish community in the UK faces a challenge and uncertainty about the future. Poland IN talked to prominent representatives of the Polish community in London on the future of Poles in Britain after it has left the EU.

Daniel Kawczyński MP slams BBC and NS2, wants museum of communism

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Poland IN talked to an MP Daniel Kawczyński, Joanna Młudzińska, chair of the Polish Social and Cultural Association, and Wiktor Moszczyński from the Federation of Poles in Britain.

We asked about whether fears over what would happen after Brexit were now allayed. We also enquired about how likely it was that Poles would continue to stay in the UK post-Brexit, how Poles are being treated in the UK and how integrated they are in British society. Finally, we sought their views on the relative strength of Poles as a lobby group in Britain.