Rents of more than 30% of income are unaffordable: housing expert

Young people who in Poland are now paying up to 50% of their income to private landlords will ask for subsidies housing expert Joanna Erbel tells PolandIN.

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“UN Habitat data suggests that if you pay more than 30 percent of your income for housing it is unaffordable,” Joanna Erbel, the author of “Beyond Ownership,”

The Polish dream of building a house, planting a tree and having kids are becoming unstuck for the younger generation, in Ms Erbel’s opinion. “That was true for those born in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s, but younger people are renting in the cities,” she explained

The transformation after communism “was based on ownership.” Now young people can’t afford to buy and their culture is based on sharing - cars, HBO, Netflix and now housing.

“The question is how things will look in 30 years,” she pondered. “In my opinion younger people will be asking the government for more housing subsidies.”