Opt-in EU ‘trustworthy artificial intelligence certification’ likely: official

The EU has two routes to choose from regarding AI security: voluntary certification or mandatory legislation, Ministry of Digital Affairs official Robert Kroplewski told PolandIN

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"Trustworthy artificial intelligence" certificates, are a way of ensuring the security and safety of the new technology within the EU, it’s an alternative to the idea of every artificial intelligence application having to be checked before its introduction.

Checking your artificial intelligence model under what is called the ethical framework of "trustworthy artificial intelligence" which has a checklist for "testing human reaction with the machine and vice versa" would encourage the use of proper practices.

Poland has been very much involved in studies of the ethics of AI, with over 220 specialists from the country involved, Mr Kroplewski said, and Polish experts have been advocates of the fifth freedom of business within the free trade area, namely the free flow of information.

The other possible route is to go towards certification of AI ideas before allowing them to be put into operation, which would considerably slow down progress.