Special forces make biggest drugs bust in Polish history

The prime minister announced that Polish police forces busted a drug smuggling group with a shipment described as “the biggest drug haul ever”. The Prime Minister reminded that the largest quantity of cocaine ever attempted to be smuggled into Poland had been thwarted just two months earlier. He described the latest prevention of a drug smuggling operation, worth PLN 60 mln (EUR 13.95 mln) as another great success.

“Heroin is evil. It not only represents the financial value that criminals could use for their activities on the territory of the Republic of Poland, which would be around PLN 60 million, but above all human tears, suffering and human life” Prime Minister Morawiecki stated.

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration expressed his appreciation for carrying out this action to officers of the Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBŚP) and the National Tax Administration.

The head of the Central Police Investigation Bureau insp. Paweł Półtorzycki informed that after thwarting 275 kg of heroin in Poland, police officers from Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey, together with Europol officers decided to coordinate the detention of members of the drug smuggling criminal group.

The CBŚP reported that the police operation had lasted almost two years.

“Two years ago, Bulgarian services secured transport of 700 kg of heroin, which was intended to be distributed throughout Europe. Then, thanks to cooperation with Europol, the police from the Netherlands and the police from Germany, we began to recognise the modus operandi of the group” Półtorzycki said.