More and more mass events cancelled or restricted amid coronavirus

The list of sports events that have been called off or will be held without fans’ presence due to the coronavirus outbreak is getting longer and longer, and Poland is not an exception in this field.

The second part of the National Special Winter Olympics Zakopane-Bydgoszcz was cancelled, while the horse riding event Cavaliada in Warsaw met the same fate.

Although most events are not in jeopardy, the larger ones are likely to take place behind closed doors. Poland’s Main Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) recommended the cancellation of all mass events exceeding 1,000 participants organised in enclosed spaces.

Jarosław Obremski, the Prefect of Dolnośląskie province announced that in accordance with the GIS recommendation, all major cultural events in the region will be cancelled. In turn, Polish football league matches are to take place without the participation of the public.

“if you can imagine a football or volleyball match taking place without the participation of an audience, when it comes to an event like, for example, a concert, it is impossible", he said.

Mr Obremski said decisions on banning the public from attending smaller cultural events (less than 1,000 people) would be consulted with the provincial sanitary inspector in every specific case. The ban will enter into force as of Tuesday. To date, there are three confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Lower Silesia.

Several culture events were cancelled, while others were postponed by the Prefect of Warmińsko-Mazurskie province. In turn, the European Agriculture Forum, scheduled to take place in Jasionka, Podkarpackie province, on March 20 - 21, was called off, while Kraków’s authorities decided to cancel the concert of Carlos Santana.