Coronavirus-infected General had no contact with top state officials: PM’s Office Head

Having been confirmed on Tuesday as one of the 22 coronavirus cases in Poland, the General Commander of Branches of the Armed Forces Jarosław Mika had had no contact with the other top state officials, reported the head of the PM’s Office Michał Dworczyk on Tuesday evening.

“According to my knowledge, General Jarosław Mika, who was confirmed with having contracted the coronavirus, has had no contact with top state officials,” said Mr Dwroczyk, adding that “[safety] procedures were in place, and the people who travelled with the general were quarantined.”

General Mika “took part in an international meeting where one of the participants turned out to be a coronavirus host,” Mr Dworczyk added.

It was the Defence Ministry that reported that General Jarosław Mika was confirmed after his recent return from Germany as having contracted the coronavirus and that the people accompanying him were put under quarantine.

“The commander feels well. Procedures were in place and measures aimed at the limitation of the risk of the spreading of coronavirus were implemented,” tweeted the ministry.

On Wednesday, talking about the situation in Poland at Polish Radio, Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska anticipated more coronavirus cases to appear in Poland.

“It seems that the number of coronavirus cases will increase,” said Mr Kraska, adding that “many Polish citizens are returning from Italy. All of the coronavirus cases that have been confirmed in Poland are imported cases.”