Health Ministry: 5 new COVID-19 cases brings total to 27

Poland’s Health Ministry reported 5 new coronavirus cases, raising the total to 27, as of Wednesday morning.

Coronavirus-infected General had no contact with top state officials: PM’s Office Head

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The cases were reported in a young man in Warsaw, and two women in their prime in Lublin and Łańcut.

The case in Łańcut is also the first confirmed case in the Podkarpackie province.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, four persons were hospitalised, having contracted the coronavirus. They are also the only ones confirmed coronavirus cases in the Mazowieckie province. The first case in the province was confirmed on Sunday. A Spanish woman who has come to Poland from Germany turned out to be a host for the virus.

Being one of the four confirmed coronavirus cases in Warsaw, the General Commander of Branches of the Armed Forces Jarosław Mika contracted the virus while recently attending an international meeting in Germany. His condition is good, the PM’s Office head Michał Dworczyk reported.

Whereas in the Lubelskie province, the first person confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus was a 50-60-year-old man. This case was corroborated on Tuesday evening. He has been hospitalised and his condition is critical. A total of two coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the province.

Deputy Senate Speaker Stanisław Karczewski appealed for prudence and to follow the guidelines of the Main Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS). “We must not create an atmosphere of panic… We need to approach the situation at hand in a serious, cautious and prudent way. All of us need to be treated equally. Everyone is subject to the same sanitary rules and there are no exceptions. Everyone needs to wash their hands and fill the forms and get tested,” the deputy speaker said.

In the context of the ongoing coronavirus situation, there are 220 individuals hospitalised in Poland and 9,366 were put under sanitary surveillance.