Exports likely tumble in first half of 2020

After significant increases in exports in 2020, a main driver of Polish economic growth, it is likely the volume of foreign trade will suffer significantly until the virus is under control in Poland’s main export markets, according to a Polish daily.

The major hold-ups of goods traffic on Polish borders last week have more or less been dissipated, as strict requirements for goods drivers entering the country to fill in forms from the sanitation office specifying their location have been eased.

Poland, along with several other countries- Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Finland had put back border checks on cross-border traffic last week.

Nevertheless, it is expected that exports will fall off according to Polish daily Rzeczpospolita. One of the great boosts that the economy got last year was that the range of goods exported increased and the growth was in finished goods and consumer goods.

While growth of exports in the automotive parts sector was hampered by a drop in orders from manufacturers in Germany, who were in turn hit by the US-China trade war, new export champions emerged. White goods manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and white label goods all managed to increase their exports.

However, the one sector which did very well, window and door manufacturers gave notice today that their growth forecast for 2020 is not as rosy. Back in the autumn the Sector Analysis Centre (CAB) forecast exports would grow around four percent this year, after growth of 5.2 percent in 2019. These forecasts are likely to be revised downwards, Maksymilian Miros of CAB told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).