Government launches Minecraft server to encourage pupils to stay at home

The Polish government has launched an online initiative to help students spend their time during the nationwide school closures in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Among many games and challenges offered as a part of the government's Grarantanna initiative is a Minecraft server on which players will be allotted a 60x60 plot. Students will be encouraged to build replicas of famous buildings, with prizes handed out for the most impressive constructions. The competition will take place until March 27th.

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game, and the second best-selling video game ever with more than 112 million monthly users.

The initiative’s name, “Grarantanna”, is a play on the Polish words for “game” and “quarantine”. The government reminds students that they are still obliged to attend remote classes but encourages them to use Grarantanna to keep their spirits up while practicing social distancing.

Grarantanna consists of a number of Internet activities that can be found on, based on various challenges that will be updated daily.

The activities include online role-playing sessions, puzzles, webinars, streaming, tournaments and competitions related to games and creative use of the Internet. Participants of the competitions will have a chance to win interesting prizes if successful.

For children above the age of 10, historical quizzes will be organised. Students will be given the opportunity to refresh their minds on some of the most important events in Polish history. The students who come out on top will win historical board games that they will be able to enjoy with their families.

A wide range of puzzles will also be available on the website, including puzzles which will challenge the knowledge of logics, mathematics and language skills. Students will be able to solve the puzzles in teams competing against each other or with their families.

The “Educative Challenge” will allow students to share their knowledge within a specific school subject. Secondary school students taking part in the challenge will have the opportunity to win a gaming laptop, a smartphone or a camera.

All the games and challenges offered by the government at are part of the larger #StayAtHome campaign, encouraging the public to stay at home as much as possible to limit the spread of the global coronavirus outbreak.