Record breaking internet sales growth

Online shopping sites experiencing a boom, as many are switching to delivered groceries and cleaning products after social distancing measures, a Polish daily reports.

Exports likely tumble in first half of 2020

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Internet shopping platform has reported sales rising by up to 240 percent in the same period last March and 400 percent compared to February.

The boom, which has been confirmed by Chamber of E-commerce surveys, results partly from internet shopping habits spreading out from larger cities to smaller towns, according to Rzeczpospolita daily. Over 38 percent of those surveyed said they had made recent purchases online, with that number rising to over 50 percent in small towns.

Because of the surge in demand, however, web surfers have reported that delivery times have extended, sometimes to beyond a month in large stores like Carrefour Tesco and Frisco.

Aware of the difficulties faced by older shoppers, some traditional retailers are instituting shopping hours set aside for pensioners. Others, like the Portuguese-owned discounter Biedronka, have set up delivery systems for older shoppers, with voluntary couriers bringing large shopping bags to their homes.