Meds in store? Website informs customers to aid social distancing

Proven to be the most effective way to avoid SARS-CoV-2 contraction, social distancing and quarantine are made easier for pharmacy customers with the website that allows users to check medicine availability prior to going out.

When venturing out for medicine, buyers are exposed to a risk of contracting the coronavirus while roaming around the city in search of medicine or when needlessly queuing up at pharmacies, not knowing whether the product they were looking for was available. However, using the website customers can check whether a given pharmacy has what they need in store.

Although only available in Polish, the site is easy to operate and navigate. The user is firstly asked to provide their address.

The second piece of information required is the name of the desired drug. The website will take you to a list of pharmacies that have the medication in stock. At that point, one can choose their prefered pharmacy, reserve the drug by clicking “zarezerwuj” and wait for the reservation to be accepted by a pharmacist.

Having received confirmation that the drug has been reserved, one is free to proceed directly to the pharmacy to pick it up.

The can be also accessed via the VisiMed app.

According to cited by the Polish Press Agency (PAP), as many as 2 mln users have accessed the website from the start of March. This totals a staggering number of 130,000 people per day. Moreover, the number of drugs reserved via in March was 15 times larger than two months ago.

The website is likely to diminish overcrowding in pharmacies that pharmacists have reported recently. Large numbers of people turning up at pharmacies expose one another and pharmacy staff to possible contraction of the SARS-CoV-2. Seniors, the most endangered age group, tend to visit pharmacies quite regularly. For this reason, pharmacists have been appealing to customers to only visit pharmacies when absolutely necessary.