Poland extends its border restrictions for an additional 20 days

Poland’s Minister of Interior, Mariusz Kamiński, announced at a press conference that the 10-day border restrictions introduced on March 15, due to the global coronavirus outbreak, will be extended for an additional 20 days.

During the press conference in Warsaw, the Minister of Interior made it clear that Poland’s borders will remain closed for visitors at least until April 13th but the date could be extended further if the situation demands it.

Minister Kamiński emphasized that the restrictions will not affect the free flow of goods saying, "there are absolutely no restrictions and all goods necessary for our citizens will continue to smoothly cross through our borders".

He also pointed out that a new ban on cross-border commuting will be introduced.

"From Friday, those who cross the Polish borders will be subject to a two-week quarantine. They have two days to stabilise their professional situation. If they want, they can stay on the other side of the border, they have time to rent temporary accommodation and maybe their employers will help them to do so. However, we need to tighten up some sanitary conditions" - said Mr Kamiński.

He added that citizens must not be allowed to flow freely across borders, especially when coming to Poland from countries where the level of infections is higher than in our country.

The main concern was with Poles working in Germany, who until now have been allowed to continue their daily commute. However, the situation has been deemed untenable as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in that country has risen to above 35,000. Meanwhile, Poland has recorded 957 cases of coronavirus infection and the rate of transmission has so far been significantly slower than in hard-hit countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Norway.