Charity going viral - Poland’s IT firms stepping in

IT Companies normally making headlines for record profits are making donations to hospitals dealing with coronavirus patients.

The Witcher game series developer, CD Projekt, which is to release Cyberpunk 2077, featuring a Keanu Reeves-based character in September of this year, announced on Facebook that it would be providing assistance to the tune of PLN 2 mln (EUR 420,000) to a hospitals, with a further PLN 2 mln donated by the board and major shareholders. The monies are to be disbursed with the assistance of a renowned charity.

Computer services firm Asseco meanwhile announced that that the business association it co founded in the Podkarpackie region in southern Poland would be donating PLN 300,000 to local hospitals, and that Asseco itself would contribute a further PLN 100,000.

Meanwhile hardware distributor AB has pledged the donation of computers and laptops to hospitals in the Wroclaw area.

Generosity is not the limited to the IT, however. Furniture giant Agata has given PLN 1 mln (210,000) for the purchase of medical equipment, according to Meanwhile the sports goods firm 4F has donated 300 sets of goggles to a Warsaw hospital and is to share some of its internet shop profits with medical services.

Petrochemicals giants Orlen and Lotos, grocers Żabka, as well as the Azoty Group and Drutex have also shown their generosity in recent days.