Most Polish companies plan lay-offs - employer lobby

Photo: WikiCommons

Sixty-nine percent of companies interviewed by the employers' organisation Lewiatan said they were planning redundancies in the coming two months, and more than 50 percent plan to dismiss between 20 and 50 percent of their staff.

The survey, which was carried out between March 23 and 25, before the package of legislation to support companies during the slowdown was accepted by parliament on Wednesday night, highlights the difficulties companies are facing. It remains to be seen how the measures, which include support with security payments, soft loans and support on tax and leasing issues for firms who keep staff on their books, will be received by companies.

Seventy percent of businesses said that government subsidies would be a decisive factor in limiting the scale of redundancies.

Lewiatan surveyed 800 companies, of which 95 percent have felt the impact of the coronavirus epidemic and as many as 55 percent already say that it is very serious.

“The smaller the company, the worse the situation. In the case of micro-firms, which employ up to nine people, 63 percent are in a very serious condition," Lewiatan wrote in a news release.

"Sixty-nine percent declared they are planning lay-offs. The worst situation is in small firms, of which 71 percent plan employment reduction, and medium-sized ones, of which 80 percent plan a reduction. In total, 54 percent of the surveyed companies plan to dismiss between 20 and 50 percent of their staff over the next two months," the Lewiatan report on the survey said.