Polish scientists about to launch clinical tests of Covid-19 curbing medicine

Scientists from the Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz received permission from the bioethics committee for clinical testing of medicines that may help in curbing the Covid-19 epidemic. The drugs are to be focused on those in the early stage of the disease and those who had a documented contact with an infected person.

The first of the tested cardiological drugs would help to alleviate and shorten the course of the disease.

"In our opinion, the medicine we want to apply would counteract the multiplication of the virus in the body, which in turn would shorten the infection period and result in the person being deemed “infectious” for a shorter time”, said Prof. Jacek Kubica, the head of the Department of Cardiology and Internal Diseases of the Collegium Medicum.

Currently the scientists are in talks with hospitals and research centres throughout Poland, but also in Italy. In the opinion of Prof. Kubica, clinical tests could start in two weeks. Double that time will be required for obtaining reliable results, as the drug needs to be given to a group of about 225 patients.

The second test drug is an opportunity for people who are not yet sick but have had contact with an infected person. Clinical tests in this case must involve just over 4,000 people who are under quarantine because of documented contact with an already ill person. The entire clinical trial phase in this case would not last more than a month.

An additional advantage of the project is that it is not expensive, initial estimates indicate that it would cost approximately PLN 500,000 (EUR 109,400). According to Professor Kubica, the university rector has promised to allocate this much to mark the contribution of the facility to the ongoing struggle with the coronavirus epidemic.