It is important to act preemptively amid Covid-19 developments: official

"All insights are shared on a regular basis, we are constantly introducing what we consider to be the right procedures," said the presidential spokesman Błażej Spychalski after the video conference with the participation of President Andrzej Duda and the team of doctors which are currently in Italy with the medical mission.

Polish NGO deploys medical staff to Italy to fight COVID-19

The Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) announced that its Medical Team will be deployed to the frontline of the fight with the SARS-CoV-2...

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"The conversation concerned the aid Polish doctors bring and cooperation between our doctors and their counterparts from Italy", he stated.

“It is very important to act preemptively amid the disease’s development, to use knowledge about what is happening in other countries,” the presidential spokesman added.

Błażej Spychalski also mentioned that Polish doctors had been talking about the medical procedures implemented in Italy.

"The President thanked and congratulated the doctors who went to Italy. Their presence shows a good level of cooperation with our Italian friends. It really matters, especially at this difficult moment,” the spokesman concluded.

On March 30, the team of Polish doctors was deployed to a hospital in the city of Brescia, the second-largest in the Lombardy region, one of the most affected by the coronavirus.

The mission's objective is to exchange experiences on the forms and ways of organising the national health system in terms of effectiveness in combating the coronavirus epidemic. Military medics will stay in Italy until April 9.

This act garnered praise from the European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen, who called it as an example of the current “surge of compassion” travelling across Europe.