COVID-19 cases in Poland rise to 5,205

Poland’s Health Ministry announced that 357 new COVID-19 infections have been confirmed on Wednesday, bringing the country’s total to 5,205 positive diagnoses.

The ministry also reported 30 new fatalities. As a result, the current death toll of COVID-19 adds up to 159.

According to the ministry, the number of individuals hospitalised in Poland due to the coronavirus epidemic amounted to 2,425 on Wednesday. 153,390 people were quarantined and 33,273 were put under epidemiological surveillance. A total of 222 people have recovered from COVID-19 in the country so far.

As of Wednesday morning, as many as 1,434,825 coronavirus cases, 82,156 deaths and 302,467 recoveries were confirmed worldwide.

The US remains the country with the largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases, amounting to 400,549. Spain has the second most with 141,942 cases and Italy third with 135,586.