COVID-19 stimulus package extension contains measures for foreigners

Designed to alleviate the hardships of the coronavirus crisis experienced by Polish citizens, the government's COVID-19 stimulus package known as the 'anti-crisis shield' is now to be extended as to include provisions that address the issues of foreigners who remain in Poland on the grounds of visa-free travel or a Schengen visa.

Office for Foreign Affairs (UdSC) press officer Jakub Dudziak said the draft, adopted on Tuesday by the government, provides for the extension of legal stay of foreigners present in Poland with a Schengen visa or under visa-free travel rules as well as a proposed extension of validity of residency cards and temporary ID certificates.

Mr Dudziak also said that these rules are in addition to earlier provisions that came into force on March 31 and apply to all foreigners who were legally present on March 14 when the state of the epidemic was declared.

Mr Dudziak added that the new solutions will extend the legality of stay without the need to submit or receive further documents or permits.

The draft amendment also foresees a legal extension of validity of residency cards and temporary ID certificates granted to asylum seekers if their validity expires during the state of epidemic or epidemic threat.

The draft extension made it to the Lower House on Wednesday where it is being debated. Development Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said on Tuesday that the extension was not to be recognised as the governmental COVID-19 stimulus package vol. 2.0, which would be ready by the end of the week.