Nationwide COVID-19 patient register comes into force in Poland

A new national COVID-19 patient register will help the Polish authorities to track COVID-19 patients, analyse cases and improve therapeutic effects of treatment.

On March 8th, the new piece of legislation was published in the Journal of Laws, a step required for the new law to come into force. The register will contain, among other things, information on the examinations performed on, treatment applied to and health situation of any given patient during their period of hospitalisation.

The register will be compiled by the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński National Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw. The register will be in operation for 12 months.

The data will be transferred to the register by hospitals and laboratories performing diagnostics of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The register will process the patient's personal data including: name, surname, sex, ID number date of birth, citizenship, address of residence, e-mail address and a phone number.

The register will compile information on individual medical data such as the patient's state of health at the time of diagnosis, information about the tests performed and treatment applied while hospitalised.

The Ministry of Health underlines that the register will help to mitigate potential future outbreaks.

The register will also facilitate long-term observation of patients discharged from hospitals or self-isolation. In addition, the data collected will be used, to compare the therapeutic effects of treatments that are currently being applied in the struggle against the life-threatening novel virus.

The publication of the new legislation in the Journal of Laws means that the regulation will enter into force on Thursday, April 9th.