COVID-19 cases in Poland rise to 5,575

Photo: PAP

Poland’s Health Ministry announced that 370 new COVID-19 infections have been confirmed on Thursday morning, bringing the country’s total to 5,575 positive diagnoses.

The ministry also reported 16 new fatalities. As a result, the current death toll of COVID-19 adds up to 174.

According to the ministry, the number of individuals hospitalised in Poland due to the coronavirus epidemic amounted to 2,473 on Thursday. A total of 152 898 people were quarantined and 33,989 were put under epidemiological surveillance, whereas 284 people have recovered from COVID-19 in the country so far.

As of Wednesday morning, as many as 1,502,618 coronavirus cases, 89,915 deaths and 339,775 recoveries were confirmed worldwide.

Photo: PolandIN/Aleksandra Nowakowicz