Pole Position on presidential election and ECJ ruling

Poland IN’s programme giving the Polish perspective on the world discusses the election and the ECJ ruling.

Pole Position from Warsaw’s lockdown with Aleksandra Rybińska (“Sieci”) and Agaton Koziński (Polska the Times) discussed the debate about whether and how to conduct the Presidential election due in May. It also covered the ECJ’s ruling to suspend the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court.

See full programme here.

"The country may be in lockdown but this has not stopped Parliament meeting, though using social distancing and remote voting. And the big issue in Parliament is what to do about the Presidential election. There has been a major disagreement about whether to proceed with May's election in the ruling block's ranks which led to the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin. He, like the opposition, is opposed to holding the election in May. But the ruling party as a whole is forcing through a measure to introduce absentee ballots by post in order for the election to go ahead.

The EU is finding it impossible to agree how to help the economies of member states but the European Court of Justice is in full swing. it has just ordered the suspension of the Polish Supreme Court's Disciplinary Chamber. The EC is in dispute with Poland over judicial independence, arguing that the legislature and the executive have seized too much control of judicial bodies. The Polish government disagrees and sees the EC action and the ECJ ruling as examples of activities which violate the rights of member states and breach existing EU treaties. These treaties do not specify systems of selection of top judiciary and many member states have greater participation by executive and legislative branches in their judicial systems than Poland.