Pole Position on Poland coping with the pandemic

Another edition of “Pole Position” discusses Poland’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic with Agaton Koziński, “Polska the Times” and Tomasz Wróblewski from the think tank Warsaw Enterprise Institute.

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The Polish government is being very circumspect about loosening restrictions from the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite evidence that the lockdown has succeeded in slowing the rate at which the epidemic has been progressing through the population, there is concern about centres of infection in hospitals and care homes. Wearing of face protection masks in public has now been made compulsory in what is a tightening of the sanitary regimes. In return the authorities have decided to reopen parks and forested areas and to relax restrictions on trade.

The biggest concern facing the government in the next few months is likely to be the state of the economy. The government has legislated twice already implementing measures such as tax holidays and wage subsidies. Poland’s central bank has reduced interest rates and relaxed the control of money supply. The goal of achieving a balanced budget in 2020 is now history. And economists are arguing amongst one another as to whether the danger facing the economy is likely to be inflation or deflation leading to recession and depression.