Polish prisoners produce one million masks

As a result of the 'Work for Prisoners' programme, around one million protective masks have been produced only a month after Polish correctional facilities started production, the Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced on Friday.

The justice minister pointed out these masks would be in use in many places and by various emergency and medical services. Furthermore, the prisoners have also been making protective suits, disinfectants and helmets.

A total of 83 penitentiary units have so far been involved in the production of the protective gear.

"The work in prison facilities, which in the course of the last month has yielded over a million protective masks, thousands of overalls, (...) shows that the campaign and the 'Work for Prisoners' programme makes great sense," the justice minister said.

Since April 16, new regulations including the obligation to cover mouth and nose in public spaces are in force.