Green light for restoring football possible: report

The Polish government is ready to give its green light for restoring football competitions in Poland, private radio RMF FM reported.

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For a long time, the Health Ministry was against restoring competitions. The radio reports that the argument saying that TV broadcasts of matches would keep many people indoors convinced the authorities.

To prevent gathering people in bars and restaurants, after their reopening, it is possible that a ban on displaying TV sport broadcasts in gastronomic locals would be imposed.

The plan

On Wednesday, Ekstraklasa PLC, the company organising the top Polish football competition, presented a detailed plan for restoration of the matches.

The matches would be restored in late May or early June. Of course, there would be a lot of restrictions involved. The major one would be that matches could only be organised without an audience. Up to 50 people will be allowed to be in the stadium at a time.

The document, presented by “Przegląd Sportowy” daily, includes a lot of details how football clubs would prepare their teams for restored competitions, how the training sessions should look like and how they should work in general.

One of the most important issues are obligatory tests for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus for the players.

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Frequent matches, “sanitary” substitutions

In order to complete the league as quickly as possible, teams will play every third day. To prevent injuries and fatigue, two additional substitutions (called “sanitary”) will be allowed, but only during the first five games.

Two additional five-minute intermissions will also take place during matches (in the 30th and the 75th minute) for the purpose of the disinfection. Referees will have to use electronic whistles.

The document also includes a procedure in case of symptoms and confirmed COVID-19 infection, however, as “PS” wrote, some of them are unclear and are likely to be evaluated.

Sport on lockdown

The matches of Polish football leagues were suspended on March 13, due to the pandemic of the coronavirus. Contrary to other sports, the results have not yet been settled, players, clubs and fans still count on the chance to finish the competitions.

Nearly all European leagues (except Belarusian) and the vast majority of football and generally sport competitions worldwide have been suspended due to the pandemic. This included UEFA EURO 2020, which will take place in 2021, as well as Olympic Games, which also were rescheduled for the next year.

After 26 rounds played, the leader of PKO BP Ekstraklasa is Legia Warsaw, followed by Piast Gliwice and MKS Cracovia.