Baltic Pipe will be milestone for gas supplies: President

The construction of the Baltic Pipe pipeline, which will bring natural gas from the Norwegian shelf through Denmark to Poland, is due to begin in the upcoming days, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced on Monday morning.

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“This investment starts in the coming days, when the actual construction work will begin,” he stressed.

The president added that on April 30, the company Gaz System signed a contract for the realisation of the pipeline with an Italian enterprise Saipem.

“There is really very good news for Poland, and not just for the near future, but I deeply believe that for the coming decades,” the Polish President said.

“If we speak about the full diversification of gas supplies to Poland, about full independence from Russia, this is a milestone on the path to be independent,” he stressed.

The presence of Baltic Pipe will allow constructing interconnectors. They will make it possible to supply gas to Poland’s neighbours, such as Ukraine and other countries of the Tri-Seas Initiative. “Poland will become one of guarantors of energy security for Ukraine,” the President declared.

Piotr Naimski, the Polish government’s plenipotentiary in the field of strategic energetic infrastructure thanked all the representatives of the Polish administration that contributed to this project.

“What is really fundamental for our security has finally been brought to its last phase of conducting,” he added.

The Baltic Pipe is a proposed natural gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland. When completed, it will transport natural gas from Norway (19 drilling concessions on the local shelf belong to the Polish state-owned PGNiG) to Poland via Denmark and potentially also to other clients in the region. It is set to be completed by October 2022.