Pole Position on confusion over the election date and the Baltic Pipe

Poland IN’s programme giving the Polish perspective on the world discusses the delay in holding the Polish Presidential election and the launch of the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline with Agaton Koziński (Polska the Times) and Aleksandra Rybińska (“Sieci”).

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Poland's presidential election has just become the latest victim of the pandemic pandemonium. It was scheduled for May 10 but the country's political elites have failed to agree on the necessary postal ballot provisions in parliament and the health minister maintains his opposition to holding the election in a traditional way at polling stations. The Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament has asked the constitutional court what can be done about a new date, since according to the constitution the election should be held by May 23, otherwise the presidency will become vacant in early August.

But there has been some good news recently too. President Andrzej Duda has announced that the construction of the Baltic pipeline, which will bring natural gas from the Norwegian shelf through Denmark to Poland is set to begin in the coming days.

The pipeline is set to be completed by October 2022, around the time by which Poland is to cease importing gas from Russia. The presence of the Baltic Pipe will allow for the construction of interconnectors, making it possible for Poland to supply gas to its neighbours such as Ukraine. The project is a key part of Poland's strategy of diversifying its gas supplies. Together with domestic production and the import of liquid gas from the US and Qatar it will ensure the country achieves energy independence from Russia.