Homecoming: majority of students abroad want to return after graduation

Around 66 percent of Polish students who attend universities abroad intend to return to Poland after graduation, according to a research by the Foundation of Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW).

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Some 50,000 Polish students are currently enrolled at foreign universities.

Around 84 percent of them plan to precede their resettlement to Poland with vacation stints in Polish workplaces. Such options are provided by the GPW Foundation's Go4Poland programme, which strives to secure interesting employment for homecoming Polish academic graduates.

The Go4Poland scheme is also open to Erasmus students in Poland.

“We bind Polish talents studying abroad with companies which are partners of this scheme. The aim is simple: to use the international experience of students for the development of Polish companies, entrepreneurship and the economy,” Marek Dietl, the head of GPW was quoted as saying in the statement.

According to the survey authors, the main incentive for Polish graduates to return home is Poland's attractive employment offer.

“Young people await proper job offers. It turns out that the salary level is not the most important for them. They count on interesting tasks and positions with potential for personal development,” the statement of GPW Foundation reads.