Over 200 years old beech collapses in Warsaw University garden

Over 200 years old beech was one of the first to be planted in Warsaw University’s Botanic Garden. It collapsed in strong winds that recently occurred across Poland.

The site of today’s botanic garden was at first dedicated to the construction of the Temple of Divine Providence. The sponsor of the construction was the last Polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski.

As a consequence of the collapse of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the construction of the temple was not completed. In 1818 the site of the botanic garden of the Medical School was incorporated with Warsaw University, which was established in 1816.

Although the Warsaw University Botanic Garden was destroyed during World War II, and almost all of its plants were burned during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, some did survive, among them the beech which was a silent witness of all this history.