Pole Position on Russia’s provocation and the new security strategy

Poland IN’s programme that gives the Polish perspective on the world looks at Russia’s provocations and Poland’s new security strategy. We discuss these topics with Łukasz Jasina from the Polish International Affairs Institute and Agaton Koziński from “Polska the Times”.

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“Russia seems determined to provoke Poland. For months it has been propagating the narrative of blaming Poland for the outbreak of the second world war. Mr Putin is arguing that Poland was an ally of Hitler and that it spurned the USSR. Russian media reacted enthusiastically in recent days to a couple of Russian nationalists taking down a commemorative plaque honouring the Polish officers murdered by the Russians in Katyn in 1940. And an investigation into last summer’s coordinated bomb threat campaign against 700 Polish schools during the high school graduation exams shows that the Russian military intelligence agency GRU was behind the attack.

President Duda has unveiled Poland’s new security strategy. It identifies key threats, such as Russian neo-imperialist policy, demography, water and electricity supply problems and infectious diseases. The strategy emphasises Poland’s Euroatlanticist orientation on the world stage. It sets an ambitious target of spending 2.5 percent of GDP on defence come 2024. But it does not include any commitment to support the enlargement of NATO to the east nor desire for Poland to participate in NATO’s nuclear sharing programme. However, it does put the building of the planned Solidarity transport hub near Warsaw which is to link air, road and rail networks as a key plank of Polish security. “