Polish games developer most valuable in Europe

The creator of the “Witcher” game series became the most valuable video game developer in Europe after the market capitalisation of CD Projekt group on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on Tuesday reached PLN 36.5 bn (EUR 8.03 bn).

Stock market whirlpool sends GameDev value higher than banks

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The Polish company overtook the Ubisoft group, the previously most valuable games’ producer, which floats on the French stock exchange. On Tuesday, the market capitalisation of Ubisoft was around EUR 7.82 bn.

CD Projekt’s pole position is likely to be temporary, as the Paris stock exchange is going through fluctuation in ratings. Moreover, it is not the first time CD Projekt’s market capitalisation was higher than Ubisoft’s; they previously overtook the company in October 2019.

Nevertheless, the recent achievement happened on a special day. On May 19, 2015, the best-selling game by CD Projekt video game, “Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt” had its premiere.

The Polish developer is currently working on the next game that is expected to become a global hit – “Cyberpunk 2077”.