Poland, Great Britain sign transportation port cooperation agreement

A cooperation agreement was signed between representatives of Poland and Great Britain on Wednesday regarding the planning of airport and railway infrastructure required for the Central Transportation Port (CPK).

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by deputy Infrastructure Minister and Government Commissioner for the Central Transportation Port Marcin Horała and UK Ambassador to Poland Jonathan Knott, who signed the document on behalf of British Minister of Investment Graham Stuart.

Mr Horała said that the Central Transportation Port (CPK) project was a "very ambitious" one, which is why he was pleased that many entities wanted to become involved in the preparations for its construction.

He added that the CPK project was at the point now when a lot will be happening: further procedures will be initiated; a strategic partner will be selected; the preparation of an airport master plan will be commissioned; and railway investments will begin. He stated that in each of these elements there was much room for Polish-British cooperation. "I am convinced that many British companies and institutions will become engaged in this programme," he said, indicating that he was referring not just to British firms, but to investors, advisors, infrastructure builders and developers.

Minister Graham Stuart, via the internet, pointed out that the CPK project was a great opportunity to build close trade relations between Great Britain and Poland in the coming years.

UK Ambassador to Poland Jonathan Knott said that Polish-British cooperation was an opportunity to make the CPK project a global success.

He added that the agreement shows a readiness to cooperate between Polish-British consultative teams that will design, among other projects, airport and railway infrastructure, and deal with spatial development related to the Airport City region, as well as the complete digitisation of the project.

CPK CEO Mikołaj Wild said that representatives of the British aviation sector have been participating in the CPK project since the early stages. "On the one hand, these contacts help British companies better understand what this project is all about, and we, in turn, receive a very important transfer of knowledge from British companies on how to prepare our ambitions," he said.

The Central Transportation Port is planned as Poland's most important infrastructural investment and a transit hub which will integrate air, rail and road transport. It will be built 37 km from Warsaw and is planned to initially serve 45 million passengers per annum, rising eventually to 100 million. The first stage of the project is to be completed by the end of 2027.