62 pct of small companies in Poland adapted to remote or online work: report

Around 62 percent of small businesses in Poland successfully adapted to switching to remote work or transferring their activities to the internet, according to the research that was commissioned by the National Debt Register (KRD), an economic information bureau.

Gov’t, e-commerce firms help companies shift business online

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As Adam Łącki, the head of KRD said, medium companies still have much to improve in this regard. Only one-third of them can smoothly operate based on the internet, the research states.

“Transferring activities online could be one of the ways to maintain the financial liquidity of companies over the period of coronavirus pandemic,” Łukasz Kozłowski, the chief economist of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs. He added that in his opinion the trend of moving the activities to the internet will be a longer-lasting trend than the obligation of social distancing.

“Currently many contacts between companies take place online. A new law is necessary to run the online business smoothly,” Kamila Kozera, a legal advisor added. She pointed out the necessity of allowing electronic agreements, instead of the obligation of physically signing documents.

The research commission by KRD involved 357 companies hiring between three and 249 people.