COVID-19 hits jobs harder than 2008 economic crisis: report

Five times as many people lost their jobs in the first month of the crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic than in the initial month of the 2008 financial crisis, according to the report of “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

“In April, as many as 165,500 people disappeared from the register (of insured due to employment), as employers stopped paying pension contributions for them,” the newspaper wrote on Friday.

Those employed on civil contracts and self-employed were hit first by the crisis caused by the pandemic.

“Such a decline in employment means that the previous record of November 2008, when 34,000 jobs had been lost, was broken,” Andrzej Kubisiak, a deputy director at the Polish Economic Institute told the daily.

He added that it will take a few months for the people to be seen as jobless in employment office registers.

The employment office registers show 55,400 people registering as unemployed in April.

The first case of coronavirus in Poland was confirmed in early March. Soon after the government imposed the state of the epidemic, which meant the lockdown of many sectors of the economy.