Flight for Poles who want to return from UK to take off on May 27

On Wednesday, May 27, people who for various reasons got stuck in the UK and would like to return to Poland, will be able to do so via a special charter flight from London to Warsaw, the Polish Embassy to the UK announced.

The flight, organised by the flag carrier LOT Polish Airlines is not a part of the #LotDoDomu action, thus, unlike these ventures, partially co-financed from the state budget, passengers will have to cover all the costs of air travel.

The opportunity does not pertain to those who live in the UK permanently and just want to visit Poland, but is an offer for those who would like to return to the country but have no other options to do so and for those returning home for good.

If there is a large demand for flight tickets, the venture may be organised once again. Talks about setting up a similar flight from Belfast are underway.

Those willing to purchase a ticket may apply by sending their data to a special email address: london.powroty@msz.gov.pl. It was noted that neither the embassy nor the consular department are involved in the organisation of the flight and all information on this subject is provided by LOT.